Setting Wait States in CCS 1.22 for C5402 DSK

Started by Christian Dolzer November 12, 2001
Hi there,
I'm using CCS 1.22 and and the C5402 DSK.
I want to set the wait state register to 1 wait state for daugther board and
data memory (0x8000-0xFFFF) space.

I use following function

This instructions comes after

I set the DMSEL to 0x0080 to gain acces to a daughter board memory (SRAM).

When I run the program on the DSP I ALWAYS measure 200 ns for a memory write
cycle, even if I change the waitstate to other values.
The memory cycle is always 200 ns, it NEVER changes!!!!

I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!

What has to be done to set the wait states correctly?

Thanks for any suggestions.