External interrupt pulse width required for C5402 DSK External Daughter Board Interrupts

Started by Todd Goldsmith November 14, 2001

I am using the C5402 DSK board and we want to use an external interrupt
to the DSP from the daughter board interface (X_INT0#) which maps to
INT0# on the DSP in the Interrupt Flag Register (IFR). After going
though all of the documentation for the timing of the interrupt pulse in
the CPU and Peripherals (SPRU1331G) the only example with a timing
diagram we've found for interrupt pulse durations is when the CPU is
transitioning from a IDLE3 state, which indicates that the interrupt
pulse needs to be at least 10 ns (1 clock period at 100 MHz). No
details are provided for when/how the interrupt is latched(?) into the
IFR (i.e., edge triggered, or do you just need to have a hold time of
>10 ns).

My interrupt pulse width will be 122 ns.

Does anyone know where a good timing diagram might exist in the TI
documentation and/or whether my proposed interrupt pulse width is

Thank you,


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