reading data from buffer

Started by Unknown November 28, 2001
i am having doubt regs.TMS3205402 kit interfacing.
i am executing codec .mak file and the input is micand output is
in codec.c program ,they have given like this at the end

data=*(volatile u 16*)DRR1_ADDR(HANDSET_CODEC);
(volatile u 16*)DXR1_ADDR(HANDSET_CODEC)a;

in this program "data "is variable or buffer.
and my aim is to read this variable continuosly
i.e when mic is activated ,the digatal value of
speech signal should be displayed continously.

if i give printf("%d\n",data);command
there is no output in speaker.
is it possible to display our voice signal value in
dispaly window using some command continously.hope u will reply
soonthank u