Problem with CCS 2.0, DSP/BIOS and extended program memory on C54 02

Started by Cameron Stastra November 30, 2001

My application is getting too big to fit in the near memory space.
I am experiencing a few problems using the CCS 2 DSP/BIOS config tool.

1. It appears that the OVLY bit is optional for extended program memory,
but when I select far mode (in the config tool), the config tool forces me
to set
the OVLY bit in the PMST register. This is annoying since I loose 16K of
program space
on every page. Do I have to set the OVLY bit for far mode, or does the
tool have a bug? This also leads to my second problem.

2. SInce my program space is no longer contiguous, I have defined multiple
memory segments eg
name start length
EPROG 00014000 0000c000
EPROG2 00024000 0000c000
EPROG3 00034000 0000c000
The problem is that the code all goes into the .text segment which attempts
to put it all in the EPROG section. Is there any way to tell the linker
that the .text segment can be allocated into mutiple segments?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.