Using RTDX with the AD50 Codec

Started by chris_durkin April 1, 2002
I was wondering if anyone can help me,

I was given a c5402 DSK for use on my university project back in
september, and have spent the last months faimilising myself with the
board and example code provided. I am now only 2 weeks away from my
deadline and my main objective is to use RTDX to transfer data taken
from the AD50 codec to a host PC. Unfortunetaly the example code
provided, uses DSK board, RTDX or BIOS API's separately and as yet I
have been unable to get two of the aforementioned API's working
together. This is either because linker has problems with multipole
declarerations of _c_int00 or the program seems to jump to a random
area of memory before main() is called, when compiling and running
the program in CCS. This is a major problem at the moment and if
anyone has any example code that uses RTDX with calls to the AD50
codec, this would probably be the simplest answer to my problem. I
have had a look around the TI website and could not see anything from
first glance that could help. If anyone any has any useful code I
could use, knows of any downloadable example code or has any
suggestions, I will be most grateful.

Chris Durkin.