Graph display for the C5402 DSK

Started by pinglilk June 5, 2002
Hello all,

I'm using the C5402 DSK. When I run the codec program (example), I
tried to get the output graph for the time/frequency. Although the output
to the speaker is correct, I got weird signal on the graph.( I did't use the
probe point since the probe point will kill the output.) Have you guys
ever met with the same problem? Do you have any sugggestion for
Is there any way to display the graph for the output in this codec

Thanks a lot!


Hello friends,
I'm now into another university project, topic of
which is under speech recognition. We will be using
the c5402 dsk. The first step in the real-time
recognition is frame blocking which is just dividing
the speech into frames of the same number of samples
each. Each frame overlaps adjacent frames over some
number of samples.
my question now is how can i obtain, in an efficient
manner, a frame (or buffer) of samples?

I have read the codec header file and found the
following functions to be of probable use:

codec_read() - the data array & its size are specified

codec_cont_capture() - the data array, its size,
pointer to function after the capture is completed,
and the status of the read are specified

However, no example codes for these functions can be

After reading the Vol. 1 manual, the use of the ABU
(autobuffering unit) seems attractive.But again, no
sample code could be found for this nice feature. the
manual gave a clear procedure as to how to use it but
i feel doing those from scratch will prove to be not a
good idea. Im in the physics field and I think going
into the details would just eat away some much needed
time. But still i'm willing and happy to learn those
engineering stuff.

Am I on the right track? which way should I go?