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Started by Jeff Brower June 14, 2002
Pegasus Byron-

Please check the c54x group archives. Some time ago I posted asm source to the
that shows how to intialize the codec device on the DSK C5402 board directly,
calling CCS functions. That should give you some guidance in working with the

Jeff Brower
DSP sw/hw engineer

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Subject: about McBSP
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 00:20:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: byrpb werwqer <>

Hi, I know you are an expert about TI'54x and their
McBSP from the messages you posted. So, I want to get
some help from you.
I'm doing work with TI'C5402. And the system I'm
developing contains a device named tlv320aic10, which
you must be familar with it. You know, the
communicaiton between 5402 and the codec is via McBSP.
I've pull down the level of FC pin to ground when I
designed the board, and I wanted to uses software
method to finish the second communication between DSP
and the Codec. But I found the control data can't be
written into the Codec. Does there exist some hinders
or pitfalls?
Expecting your help.
Thanks a lot!