accessing extended memory

Started by kishoreseera June 25, 2002
hi all,
I wrote drivers for the onboard flash on tms5402 dsk. For
block0 and block 1, Iam able to program and erase flash memory. but
when i run my program to check for the protection of other blocks
(2,3,....) my dsk is going out of control. I dont see any changes on
the console and no test string is printed. also the settings of the
dsk are getting changed for example i configured the SWWSR for 923f
and the SWCR = 0x0001. after executing the code these values are
getting changed. I am having some confusion regarding the extended
mapping and the addresses generated. Any help regarding this from
anybody would help me a lot.

My application size is more than 64KB. Because of this I need to
span my code into pages. I am able to create new memory page using
DSP/BIOS config tools. I am able to build and link the code by placing
the code in newly created page. When I load , some it is not able to
load to newly created page. With different configuration of link
command, I am able to load also. But when I am debugging, PC is not
going to proper page address.
If some of you resolved these issues, please let me know the steps
involved to resolve this problem.