Writing a program to control an LED on the DSK5510

Started by September 17, 2006
If I wanted to write a program in Code Composer Studio 3.1.0 to blink an LED on the DSK5510 evaluation board then what sort of support files and libraries would I need? Are there more things to configure in CCS in order to compile a simple C program to the DSK5510 evaluation board?

In an attempt to control the LED on this evaluation board I tried loading an example program (called volume1) into the DSK5510 board and then added the following line to turn one of the LEDs on.

*(unsigned int*)(0x300000) = 0x0001;

This did not work, but it should have. What is strange is that I can control the LED directly from Code Composer by direct manipulation of memory address 0x300000.

It would be helpful to know what to check in order to troubleshoot this problem.