Re: Succeeded in read but failed in write from HOST to DSP through HPI

Started by Jeff Brower July 19, 2007
Ling Bo Ly-

> Succeeded in read but failed in write from HOST(S3C2410) to DSP
> through HPI in Nonmultiplexed Mode.
> My connection is :
> HCS<=!(!nGCS2&!ADD23)
> HCNTL0 > HDS1<=nRD
> HDS2<=nWR
> HD[15..0]<=>DATA[15..0]
> HA[19..0] > RESET_MODE<=GND
> SO BASE address of HPID read isΪ0x10200000BASE address of HPID
> write0x10600000.
> When I read the data of the internal memory of DSP,for example ,the
> address 0x10200200,it's the same with the data I have read through the
> simulator.So it's all right.
> However,when I write any data to the internal memory of DSP,for
> example ,the address 0x10600200,it failed.The data of that address
> stands still.

Which 55x DSP are you using?

We always use multiplexed mode for HPI. However, for non-multiplexed mode I think
you still need to connect HCNTL1, which is not in your list above. Both HCNTL0 and
HCNTL1 have to be connected to allow access to four (4) possible HPI registers:

-HPID no autoincrement
-HPID autoincrement

In the C5502 data sheet, Figure 3-5 shows both HCNTLx connected for non-multiplexed
HPI. If you're not using 5502, then possibly look for a similar figure in other 55x
data sheets.

Also, do you have HPIENA active? What about pull-up/down Rs on GPIOx lines that
select HPI mode at Reset?