Re: Re: Succeeded in read but failed in write from HOST to DSP through HPI

Started by Jeff Brower July 26, 2007

> TI does not give a suggested value of RS to configurate the boot mode,just
> said"BOOTM[2:0] are sampled following reset to configure the boot
> mode for the DSP."
> Now,1K Resistors are used instead of 10Ks to pull up/down BOOTM[2:0].
> And one change has happened that the internal memory can not be read anymore when the simulator is connected to the DSP.
> Disconnecting the simulator, I can read the internal memory but not write as before.

With emulator (JTAG) connected, HPI access will work only if code is running. If you
are single-stepping or at a breakpoint, an HPI access will "bounce off".

If you run your test code in simple loop, then set the mem watch window to 0x1000,
then make HPI access to 0x1000 with loop code running, you will see the update (of
course that assumes your HPI interface is correct).