questions about head file including in ccs

Started by Randy Hoo March 3, 2008
I am using CCS with 5510DSK on one project and I met a problem.
I find out that some examples can not include the head for the support
library in another example and vice virsa.

For instance, the "tone" example can not include "dsplib.h" for the
usage of fir() function. And "FIR" example can not include
"dsk5510.h". the complier always report that the corrosponding file
can not be opened.

I've tried to edit the directories for source file but it does not
work. In fact I can add these files by using absolute path but then
the the complier still can not find other head file which is included
by the file I added. I can not edit all the files. And I do not think
to edit the library head file is a good idea. I don't know how to deal
with this problem.

Could anyone give some ideas?


Shuoqiu Hu
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