Developing a DSP Algorithm

Started by Prakhar Vig December 21, 2005
Hi All,

I am working on DSP algorithm as I am new to this I tried to
experiment something on CCS. But facing some problems with it. I am
planning to work on image processing side.

Before, writing any algorithm I thought of understading the libraries
present in the imglib and dsplib folders in CCS. I also tried to
understand the examples like histgram etc prsent in CCS, and able to
compile but not able to see the output. And the other problem I am
facing is from where to start, means what the first thing is required
to write any DSP algorithm in CCS. I tried studying the documents of
imglib and dsplib but couldn't understand. Because of time constraint
I cannot go throgh all the manuals present under help.

Please help me out as I am in dire need of it and also tellme how to
see the output in CCS for image processing like after enhancing the
image how can i see the enhanced image in CCS.