simulation of audio stream with code composer studio

Started by antoniopoi83 January 11, 2008
Hi everybody,
I'm new in DSP world... I have to realize an audio equalizer with the
TMS320C6416 DSK or TMS320C6713 DSK (I don't yet choose the board). For
the moment I'd like to simulate my algorithm with the simulators
provided by code composer studio. I generate my project by using the
link for ccs provided by Matlab.
My question is: how can I simulate an audio input/output stream? Can I
use, in some way, the PC sound-card to feed the processing algorithm?
I mean, I'd like to say to the simulator to read the input audio
signal on my mic. port on the sound-card, processes that data and
output processed data on the headphone out on the sound-card. Is it

Thank you so much.
I apology for an eventual similar message sent previosly: I didn't yet
subscrived this group, and I didn't found my previous post.


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