Doubt reg memory allocation DM6437

Started by src_be February 20, 2008
Hi all,

i m facing some problems wrt to allocation of code and data sections
on DM6437 board.

1)On 64x,all the sections(code and data) are placed in L2MEM and the
MIPS are calculated but On DM6437 i m not able to put all sections to decide which sections should lie internal and which
others external?

2)while profiling on DM6437 board, keeping both program and data
sections in DDR2(none of the sections are internal).there is a sharp
rise in cycle count suddenly for a random frame. the frame no.
appears to be inconsistent, and the same happens at encoder or
decoder randomly?? i m not able to figure out the proper reason.

3)what r the ways to bring the MIPS on DM6437 board closer to 64x+
cycle accurate simulator(ccs3.3)?

i m eargerly waiting for ur replies.



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