Re: Error Initialising Emulator for the TMS320C6416T board for CC v3.3

Started by Michael Dunn July 10, 2008

I use some different emulators, but not Spectrum Digital.

see comments below.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:08 AM, Ivan wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I would like to ask something that has bothered me for a while and
> has been hindering me from progressing my project.
> Previously, when I used the Code Composer Studio v 3.1 I could use
> the USB jtag emulator built into the 6416T board instead of buying
> the real emulator, and for this to work was due to the fact that the
> driver and the neccessary XML file was already installed, in these
> locations:
> C:\CCStudio_V3.1\drivers\import\dsk6416.ccs
> C:\CCStudio_V3.1\drivers\TargetDB\drivers\sdgo6416dsk_11.xml

You may need to copy another file - I don't know which one, but
someone who has done this may help.
> I've been trying to add these files into the same directory
> locations but for the CCStudio v3.3, because I also want to emulate
> using USB jtag emulator but with the higher version of CC, and
> currently CC v3.3 doesn't have instaled the neccessary 'board'
> listed in its setup window. The pdfs told me to copy the files and
> import them in the CC setup. I was able to File->import the above
> copied files. However I get this error after closing the setup and
> starting up CC:
> Error initializing emulator
> I/O Port = 540
> Board Name: DSK6416
> Cpu Name: DSP_C64xx
> Abort: Close Code Composer Studio.
> Retry: Try to initialize the emulator again.
> Ignore: Ignore the initialization error and start
> potentially without target debugging access.
> Diagnostic: Run diagnostic utility.
> which means I couldn't connect.
> I have seen many people in this forum who have the same error but
> their causes are very different. Is there something I have forgotten
> to do?

SD may have updated their drivers from CCS 3.1 to 3.3. Check their
website for updates.

Does SDconfig run?? [their 'diagnostic utility']

If all else fails, you can:
1. Configure CCS 3.1, save the configuration, and copy the
/cc/bin/brddat/ccbrd0.dat text] file.
2. Configure CCS 3.3, save the configuration, and copy the
/cc/bin/brddat/ccbrd0.dat text] file.
3. Check the file differences.

Please post your questions to the group, not me directly


> Thanks
> Ivan