Re: Re: BIOS project moving from emulator to standalone HPI Host Boot

Started by Jeff Brower July 17, 2008
B Casne-

> I forgot to mention in my original post: We eliminated the GEL files,
> and incorporated the necessary EMIF initialization from there into
> the user_init called by the bios before it calls _main.

I would not do this. We've encountered issues before with DSP/BIOS 'doing things'
with memory prior to user_init(), so placing EMIF init there may not have the desired
fail-safe effect. I would suggest you create a small code that runs *before*
anything else; i.e. change the Reset vector entry point. Then the small code jumps
to the normal entry point (typically _c_int00).


> I have a 6418 BIOS-based project which runs fine when using the JTAG
> >emulator. Now I am moving the project from the emulator to a
> >standalone project with HPI Host Boot from my ARM processor. I've
> >finally figured out how to get hex6x to produce the image file I need
> >for this, using spru186p, SPRAA64 and hints about the undocumented -b
> >option from TI.
> >
> >But the documentation for standalone BIOS, especially initialization
> >without GEL files, is scattered and unclear. I've gone through the
> >BIOS class manual, and spra999, spra512, spru578c, spraa74a, spra978,
> >spra964, spra772a, spra743, spra544d, with glances at a dozen others.
> >
> >Advice and/or pointers to other documents I may have missed would be
> >appreciated.