Profiling C Code

Started by indrtiya November 11, 2002
Dear Experts,

I am working on the development of a software codec for the
TMS320C6416 DSP from TI. I am using the Test and Evaluation Board
with XDS510PP and Code Composer Studio Version 2.10. I am at a stage
where my code is written in C only and I have used C instrinsics for
max and min only. I profiled the code with "Profiler" Option in CCS
as well as using the C6xxxx simulator (with load6x -g test.out). I
find that the count of the cycles (Excl., Incl., Excl. Max., etc) are
different in the two cases! I am confused as to use which one to use
for further optimization of the code. I prefer using the load6x as it
is faster to run than the profiler (And I donot know the reason why!)
but I am worried that I am getting some garbage data. Could anyone
share any thoughts on this? I badly need help on this. Another
question. Does the "Excl. Total" include the cycle that the processor
required for memory access (for both the profiler in CCS and the
load6x)? In my code, I am not using any CSL/PSl
function and no DMA as well.

Thanks in advance for your help,