[Fwd: Re: c64x+dsp doubt]

Started by Jeff Brower April 28, 2009

>> You are trying to jump ahead. The first thing you want to do with JTAG is verify a few basics:
>> -do you see register values that make sense? for
>> example, if you program Timer0, does it count
>> down at a rate that matches your external clock
>> and internal PLL setting?
>> -can you correctly view internal mem?
>> -can you download and run a very simple "hello world" program?
>> Then you can worry about "writing to Flash".
>> -Jeff

> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks for your reply. I am trying to convert the object
> file into hex file using hex conversion utilityfor loading
> through jtag into dsp internal memory. I am going through
> the hex conversion utlity data sheet and i am little bit
> cofuesed. It is givento specify memory and ROM widths in
> the conversion process. Does memory width and ROM width mean
> my DSP internal memory and external FLASH memory width?. I
> am using tms320c6424 DSP and if i convert the object file
> of any simple code into hex file, is it possible to load
> hex file trough JTAG into DSP internal memoryusing JTAG
> software. My DSPmemory width is 32 bit and FLASH widht
> is 16 bit.Will it work if i convert the object file into
> hex file specifying memory width as 32 and ROM widht as
> 16. Please clarify my doubt.

I don't get you. If your JTAG is working, then you just download code via CCS. You don't use JTAG to load from a
Flash device; Flash connects directly to DSP EMIF, serial port, I2C, etc -- not to JTAG.

Please can you answer: 1) Do you have CCS? 2) Is your JTAG + CCS working? 3) What board are you using?


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