Re: C6727b JTAG Connectivity Error

Started by Michael Dunn February 2, 2010

Several different people have reported mysterious problems when using
the TMS320C6727B-Wintech TDS510USB Emulator configuration.

6711 and 6713 devices work okay with the Wintech TDS510USB Emulator.

IMO, The problem appears to be rooted in the software for the Wintech
TDS510USB Emulator. The 6727 device has the longest JTAG scan chain of
any C6000 device [and most likely any TI DSP]. It is my theory that
the larger buffer that is required by the C6727 [due to additional CPU
registers] is not being managed properly by the software. This is
sometimes illustrated by getting different results on different PCs
and sometimes changing the behavior by shutting down some applications
and rebooting. To my knowledge, XDS560 emulators, BlackHawk XDS510
emulators, or Spectrum Digital emulators do not exhibit this problem.

Additional comments below.


On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:06 AM, wrote:
> RathnasabapathyK visited your blog and used the interface to write you a message:
> Dear Mike,
> We are using Wintech TDS510USB Emulator Pod for debugging our TMS320C6727B DSP card. While in some cards we donot have
> problem in connecting, in SOME boards the CCS 3.3 is showing error while connecting to the target. The error generated
> by CCS and the outputs of the command line reset/probe routines are enclosed herewith. Kindly go through them and help us in resolving the issue. These cards WERE working properly in the same setup.
> Message from CCS3.3 \"Error Connecting to Target\", Error )x80000200/-1073, Fatal Error during OCS, Bad target Silicon Revision Number

This error message indicates that the initial 32 bit scan of the
device ID was invalid. Possible causes are [1] improper device
initialization, [2] bad power, [3] old CCS driver without Silicon
Revision Number error recovery, [4] ESD damaged C6727, or [5] an
unusual 'sensitivity failure' of the TDS510USB Emulator Pod [not very

> xdprobe error details :
> .-----[An error has occurred and this utility has aborted]--------------------This error is generated by TI\'s USCIF driver.The value is `-120\' (0xffffff88).The
> title is: `SC_ERR_CMD_INVALID\'.The explanation is:This error number is used when a command is invalid.It is likely a problem with `SC_CMD\' in SMG_call()selecting a function that has not been implemented.
> rgds
> k.rathnasabapathy