Power Supply for the C6713 DSP

Started by cm_criterion July 13, 2010
Hello all,

I am new to this group.

I am designing a PCB around the C6713 DSP. I am looking at the power supply and it seems I need to supply two different levels DVdd (I/O) and CVdd (Core), which should ideally be 3.3 and 1.2V, respectively. Reading through the document: "Embedded Processing Guide", they suggest the use of a very complicated power supply utilising two TPS54350PWP ICs.

Is this necessary??? Could I design my own supply using a simple TRACO DC/DC converter, a couple of regulators, and decoupling capacitors??

They also insist 60 decoupling caps must be used for the 30 CVdd and 30 DVdd pins on the DSP!!! Do I have to do all of that?? It seems like a serious overkill to me.

Any help with this or any hints and pointers for PCB design in general would be very much appreciated.
Thanks all.