CCS 4.2: Projects with BIOS 6 support

Started by ak8022 September 13, 2010
Today, I downloaded and installed CCS v4.2, the latest version TI provides. I was able to create a project with DSP/BIOS 5.x support, then add a TCF file to it and configure it to run a periodic task. For exazmple, on memory watch, I was able to see the value of a variable incremented periodically.

Now, I have another question. I see that the latest BIOS version is 6.3, so I want to use that.. But there is no option to create a "BIOS 6 project". I found this tutorial


If I understand correctly, you have to create a RTSC project, and it will have BIOS 6.3 support. In CCS v4.2, I am assuming what used to be called RTSC projects are now SYS/BIOS projects. The problem is, when I create a SYS/BIOS project, it doesn't have a TCF file. Instead, there is a CFG file. From the tutorial above, it appears that this is the file it's talking about:

"The project will be created and shown in the C/C++ Projects tab. Opening the BIOS 6 configuration file shows the BIOS Graphical Configurator XGCONF."

I see some tabs in the CFG file that are similar to TCF, like memory and synchronization, but I don't see something that would let me set up periodic tasks (it was under "PRD" in TCF files). More importantly, I can't edit any values--clicking on them doesn't help. With BIOS 5, most fields were editable in the TCF file. Do you know what am I doing wrong? As always, I appreciate your help.