Hello world project using TMS320C6472-EVM board

Started by March 15, 2011
Hello ,

I tried to run a hello world on TMS320C6472-EVM board using XDS100USB emulator and code composer studio V4 "CCS V4" I debug the active project; but when I click the run button, this message is appeared "C64XP_0: RTDX: RTDX program mode is JTAG" and it doesn't affich "hello world". I didn't understand where is the problem :in the target configuration or not.

So please,could you give a complete hello world projet with all the configuration(.ccxlm et .tcf) on TMS320C6472-EVM board using XDS100USB emulator to run it on my platform

and to have an idea how to run a project on a platform not on a simulator. it's urgent please. and thank you for your help

if you have any docs please send them at my email:
Cordialy Nejmeddine