Re: R: Re: Re: Programming TMS320C6713B

Started by mikedunn October 29, 2011

On 10/29/2011 3:11 PM, Proware (tin.it) wrote:
> Mike,
> Things like fill memory are 'blocked up' and are one of the things
> that the 'scanloop' option uses to improve performance. It will be
> slower with that option disabled.
>> I suppose you're referring to the option you made me add to the
>> connection .xml file (Disable ScanLoop for C6000 DVR). Your
>> phrase is not fully clear for my bad euro-english. With the
>> setting in the .xml file I suppose I keep scanloop enabled. At
>> the beginning of the phrase you say that scanloop improves
>> performance. So I understand the 2nd phrase as "It /will be
>> slower with that option (scanloop) disabled, i.e.it will be
>> slower with Disable ScanLoop = 1/" Is this correct ? If you want
>> I can make a test next monday trying to remove the option (or
>> better, setting 'Value="1'").

I apologize, I get a few things on my mind and do not express myself
The 'SCANLOOP' option is enabled by default. I _believe_ that 'value=0'
disables it and 'value=1' enables it [and behavior is as if you never
added the line].
Value="0" ID="C6000.SCANLOOP"/>
Value="1" ID="C6000.SCANLOOP"/>

> endianness
> I believe that when connecting through the DSK USB port you are
> using a SD driver and when you connect with XDS100, you are using
> a TI driver. It sounds like a sw problem. If I remember correctly-
> DSK w/on board USB emulator, big endian - works
> DSK w/on board USB emulator, little endian - works
> DSK w/external USB emulator, big endian - works
> DSK w/external USB emulator, little endian - works
> DSK w/XDS100 emulator, big endian - does not work
> DSK w/XDS100 emulator, little endian - works
> Do the above accurately reflect the current state??
> As usual, you are right. I've not an XDS510 Plus here, and as
> far as I know nobody in our company tried to use it with the
> DSK (I think I'm the only one that's using the DSK). In any
> case I have the .ccs here, and I can also confirm both the DSK
> USB and the XDS510 Plus use sd.dvr, i.e. a Spectrum
> Digital driver.
> No way for solving the SW problem and use the XDS100 in big
> endian ?

If I get a chance, I can check out the 'tixds6000.dvr' and
'tixds560c6x.dvr' with an XDS560 emulator. ['tixds6000.dvr' is the
driver used by the XDS100]

> And as usual, thank you for your patience and cooperation.
> Paolo