External Flash to save big amount of data - C6713

Started by B S December 14, 2011
Hi Guys,

I need your help.

I have a C6713 DSK connected with ADC via 5-6 Interface Board, the system is sampling time domain signal, performing FFT and saving few values after every 10 ms. At this point, I am using function generator to generate time domain signal and CCS to see the waveform and some C code is writing the required values into text file so I am not running out of memory.
But I want to check my system in real enviroment without PC. If I burn development code into flash, DSK will start executing the code but how would I save those values ? Do I need an external flash Or what means of solution is available ? Can I connect a big external memory to my DSK which will do the job ?
I would really appreciate your quick reply.