host support software usage??

Started by Unknown September 20, 1999
Hi. everyone.

Now I am using EVM62x board.
I am trying to communicate PC with DSP memory using HPI.

In EVM reference guide, I got one example host support software.
In this code,we download executable coff code to DSP, using evm6x_coff_load( ,
"blink.out" , ).
This code operate well.

In this way, I programmed my code and complied and linked it in code composer.
So I got ***.out coff file...

I built my host program(include evm6x_coff_load( , "***.out" , )),
but I found the result is not equal to my anticipated result.

Please give me some advice when using HPI.
If there are some example codes, May I obtain some codes?

Sincerely yours...