flashing + booting on 6414 custom target

Started by soma_64x December 2, 2003

i have a couple of question on boot application development for
custom target

I have a target which uses 6414DSP. with 256kb flash on emifb and
8MB SDRAM on emifa with CCS2.2 with JTAG interface to burn the code.

I need a clairification on my approach.

1) I had tailored FBTC application first to my hardware from fbtc
Modified code for configuring 256kb flash(ATMEL) under EMIFB
address space and 8MB flash under EMIFA address space.

2) Developed the boot code for my hardware from the post code

3) Burn application on to the Flash to a different address other
than the boot.

Could you please suggest me, what else i am missing. Since iam
experinecing checksum error inspite of trying varios methods.

Thanks in advance