RTDX with 4 DSPs inthe JTAG chain

Started by Thomas Schwere April 3, 2001
We want to use RTDX with four TMS320C6701 in the JTAG chain and a Visual

C++ COM client. Is it possible that each DSP has its own channel to
communicate with the Host?

We found the following problem in the TIs database:

"How to get RTDX to work with the Parallel Debug Manager (PDM)

All examples that ship with RTDX assume that the current board and cpu
in use are set as the default board and cpu in Code Composer Setup

The RTDX Exported Interface (rtdxint.dll) will permit a COM client to
communicate with RTDX only if the current board and cpu in use are set
as the default (0) hardware in Code Composer

This restriction is understood by the RTDX team and will be addressed in

the future.

This issue is documented under the Texas Instruments' database as DDTS
entry SDSsq09498.


In order to get around this restriction, you must use Code Composer as
the RTDX COM server. "

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