Jtag Issues regarding the bringing upo of the C6x customized board!

Started by Saqib Ali January 24, 2005
In bringing up a dsp TI320C6201 board with 32 MByte
SDRAM MT48LC4M16A2(8 MByte each) on board I am facing
some problems.
First of all when I power up the board I used
spectrum digital XDS510PP to dump my code on chip
through Jtag. I used internal memory map
BOOTMODE[4:0] Memory Map Memory at
Address 0 Boot Process

00111 MAP 1
Internal Host

On these configurations I am able to dump my test code
in IPRAM and IDRAM successfully. But when I reset DSP
CPU through code composer it halts and shows an error
0x80000020/- 1072 Device driver: Power Loss Detected
on Target CPU.

The other thing when I tried to acess SDRAM it
again halts.

Please suggest

Saqib Ali
Center for Advanced Research In Engineering
Islamabad,Pakistan __________________________________

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