Lots of trouble with a C6701

Started by Unknown December 2, 1999
I have many questions:

- COFF files compiled for the C6701 couldn't be loaded by the Code
Composer 4.0 (with load6x works ok), but those targeted for the c6201
work fine.

- I have written a simple test program that reset the dsp, send it a
short vector with evm6x_hpi_write functions, wait a moment, while the
DSP operate the vector (multiplying by 2), and then read the vector,
but the result is that the vector is set to zeros. What's wrong?

- How I can get the mailboxes working? If I do a WaitForObjectCall
(...) in the host side and after the dsp writes in one of the mailbox
registers, the host doesn't awaken , and viceversa, if the host send a
message with the evm6x_send_mesage functines, how i do for the dsp
getting an interrupt? How about ths AINT and AGBSTS registers? I can't
find anything in documentation about them.

An example would be apreciated

Thanks in advance.