What are the differences btn writing IPRAM and writing IDRAM?

Started by xsws5638 September 24, 2005
I am working on a C6205 Board. The board is plug in the PCI slot in
my PC. I am trying to use PCI BOOT to load the program to DSP.
After reset the DSP Core, I first write 1 to the AUXPRI bit in the
AUXCTL register to raise the Auxiliary DMA Channel's priority over CPU.
Then I begin to write data and program to the IDRAM and IPRAM through
PCI Driver. The PCI Driver treat the IPRAM and IDRAM without any bias.
But writing IPRAM often fails while writing IDRAM succeed all the
times. When failing to write the IPRAM, the PC program crash down and I
must press the hot reset button to get the PC work normally again.
I don't know why this phenomenon happens. I hope some guy can give
me some advices. Thanks for advance!