why this error occurs during profiling?

Started by zhoux1977 July 18, 2006
I use evmDM6446 cycle simulator to simulate a H.264 decoder. while, the
program works ok when I simulates it under CCS3.2. But when I profile
it by using the below compiling options: " -k -pm -on2 -op2 -o3 -
fr"$(Proj_dir)\zxtrace" -fs"$(Proj_dir) \mytrace" -mw -mv6400+ --
consultant", nn some specific profiling configurations, as soon as the
program runs to the profile exit point, an error dialog will display:

"Unexpected Fatal Error Encountered which may have been caused by a
stack overflow, out of memory condition, or access violation."

According to my judgement, only if I enable too many profiling events,
this error will occur. While, the stack in my program is 0x2000 bytes,
and I have observed the memory, this stack size was enough to contain
all the tempoarate data during run-time.

what is the reason of it? How to avoid it?

Please help me!