Problems using the statistic object of the DSP/BIOS

Started by September 6, 2006
Hi All,

I am debuging my real time application by using a JTAG emulator and CCS 2.2 on my custom board based on the C6416. My application consist of an outer infinite loop that waits for data from another module to begin processing, and so i first collect data on target and finally call IDL_run to fetch it to host.
What have tried so far is the following is the typical setup to measure performance:


STS_set(&STS_object, CLK_gethtime());

My code due to be measured.

STS_delta(&STS_object, CLK_gethtime());

IDL_run(); // to allow for data transfer from target to host.

I setup the dsp/bios system clock to timer0. The value that i am getting in the statistic view is negative, what makes no sense at all.
Does anyone know what this probelm could be?, any interrupt that is ruining my life?, do the timer0 have to work in dedication with the BIOS clock or i can use it for other internal purposes?

Let me know if you need further information on the problem.
Thanks DSPers,
Jose :)