CCS and JTAG help

Started by T a h i r September 12, 2006
Now i am facing a different problem while connecting
with my custom board(C6414) and DSK(C6416, 1GHz).

When I connect with DSK, CCS shows the "Target is
connected" then when i reset CPU, sometime it reset or
sometime error displays and CCS hang.

In my custom board when i use Debug->reset cpu
command, instead of conecting target, same error

According to my observation:
1- may be it is because of gel file then why DSK
behaviour is not consistent.
2- Boot mode selection is wrong?
3- I have check the following things:
Reset signal (TRST) = high when CCS started.
TCK and TCK_RET = 10 MHz.
EMU0 and EMU1 pin = showing 0.3 or 0.4 volts (I don't
understand it right now, may be some interference).

One thing i figure it out that for C6414 processor the
emu0 and emu1 pin of the processor is internally pull
up but during board design we have also applied an
external pull up on these lines (20K resistor, 3.3v).
What would be the beheviour of these pull ups and is
this design creating problem?

Looking for your kind help and response.
Thanks in advance.

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