error in example 2.1 of rulph chassaing book

Started by waji...@hotmail.com November 12, 2006
hi,everyone.I am using tms320c6713 DSK.i tried to run exaple 2.1 "Loop_intr.c".of chassaing's book "Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the
C6713 and C6416 DSK".

Following error occured

""c:/ti/c6000/bios/include/csl_chiphal.h", line 206: fatal error: #error NO CHIP DEFINED (use -dCHIP_XXXX where XXXX is chip number, i.e. 6201)
1 fatal error detected in the compilation of "Loop_intr.c".
Compilation terminated."

When i changed the file "C6713dskinit.c" to "C6xdskinit.c" the code was running properly with no errors ,but i was hearing the sine wave even after i stopped the dsp board.

What is the problem.

Can anybody provide me with a simple code performing input and output of sine wave along with support files so that i can test my board.I'll be gateful to any response.