EDMA transfering 16 bits elements slower than 32 bits ???

Started by November 15, 2006
I work with TMS320C6713 processor. I have a strange problem now - I want to use EDMA to transfer 16 bits elements instead of 32 bits. And it seems the transfer is slower. I didn't measure the time differences, but the data is spoiled in the 16 bits case if it exceeds some length. Becuase the process is periodical I conclude that by 16 bits the speed of the transfer is low and data at the source address are rewriten before they were all tranfered to the destination.

Is it possible, that the EDMA speed depends on bits per element ?

Everything is the same by EDMA configuration - the source, the destination, options ... etc. except ESIZE field of EDMA OPT register.

To solve this problem it is quite important because I can spare 1/2 of allocated memory if I would transfer only 16 bits instead of 32 !
The problem is solved - SDRAM memory to which the data is transfered supports 4 bytes burst mode. In case of 16 bit elements it was slowing down.