Which Daughter card for C6713 DSK for Spectrum Display with LCDs

Started by "Ertugrul B." November 28, 2006
Hi all.
As a beginner in DSP I need your help and guide.
My graduate project is Spectrum Display through 2*16 character LCDs
with C6713.
As you expected my main referance is R.Chassaing's book on C6713.
>From that book I learnt that I have to use a daugther card in order to
take electrical signals from J4 (EMIF-External memory Interface) to
use LCDs.

But there are lots of daughter cards from different manufacturers. Our
deparment will buy for us to our project and for the next projects use
EMIF or pehirphal interface. for general I/O

Does anybody has idea which daugther card can be used for spectrum
Display with LCDs with TMS320C6713...