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Started by Jeff Brower February 16, 2007

I think Joshy meant this for you.

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Subject: Re: [c6x] Code to get output from McBSP of C6713
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 23:10:20 펝
From: "joshy jose"
To: "Jeff Brower"

yes you can check it i have done it,
you can use the sample program available from ti site

there is one particular example named McBSP UART
please search this keyword
On 14/02/07, Jeff Brower wrote:

> I have started working on the C6713. I want to check the output of the
> McBSP on the oscilloscope. Is is possible to check the output from the
> McBSP on an analog oscilloscope?? Please provide me some code that
> writes somethong on the McBSP and gives the output. And how can I check
> the output??

Sure you can use any scope, including analog type, as long as the sampling
rate of
the scope is approx 10 times faster than the McBSP clock frequency. For
example, if
your McBSP clock is 5 MHz, then scope should be 50 MHz. 10x sampling will
reasonably accurate view of the McBSP signal waveforms, including clock and