New Emulator from TI with Bi-Directional Data Streaming at Video Speeds

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JTAG emulator enables high-speed RTDX data link at more than two
megabytes per second and code download speeds at up to half a
megabyte per second

For more info: HOUSTON (May 20, 2002) -- To further enable designers of real-time
embedded applications to pinpoint and resolve real-time problems
quickly and precisely, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN)
today introduced the fastest generation of JTAG emulation technology
as part of its real-time eXpressDSP Software and Development
Tools. Compatible with previous TI emulators, the new technology
features a high-speed Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDX) that transfers
data bi-directionally between the target processor and the host
development platform at more than two megabytes per second (MBps) for
unprecedented levels of real-time application visibility. It also
offers code download speeds at up to half a megabyte per second,
enabling rapid start-up of larger applications. In addition, the
new emulator supports Advanced Event Triggering for real-time, non-
intrusive debugging and maximum user control in real-time digital
signal processor (DSP) and ARM processors. (See

The key issue for real-time developers today is "vanishing
visibility," or the increasingly difficult challenge of seeing into
the real-time behavior of an executing application. Visibility
diminishes as processor speeds increase, and more peripherals, buses
and other system components are embedded on the devices. TI has
addressed this problem by introducing the XDS560 PCI Bus JTAG Scan-
Based Emulator, which represents a major advancement in emulation

"TI pioneered basic visibility techniques for system development of
real-time applications over a decade ago with the invention of JTAG
emulation, which is now the industry standard," said Bill Novak,
emulation technology product manager, TI. "TI is now taking that key
innovation to the next level with the XDS560, delivering unequalled
levels of visibility and control to real-time developers."

The Real-Time Answer to Vanishing Visibility

The XDS560 emulator is the first DSP emulator to offer high-speed
RTDX bi-directional data transfer rates of more than two MBps between
the target processor and the host. Previous generation XDS510-class
emulators supported a form of RTDX called standard RTDX, which is
enabled on all TMS320C5000, TMS320C6000 and ARM processors and is
capable of data rates in the range of 10-20 kilobytes per second. The
XDS560 also supports standard RTDX on all C5000, C6000 and ARM
processors and improves its performance, but also offers high-speed
RTDX for enabled processors at data rates of more than two MBps,
which is more than 100X faster than standard RTDX over the XDS510.
With this 100X improvement in bandwidth and performance far beyond
any other competitive technology available in the industry, the
XDS560 enables an entire new class of applications to take advantage
of RTDX capabilities, including wireless base stations and streaming
video servers. The RTDX data is available from TI's Code Composer
Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) through an industry-
standard Microsoft Component Object Model (COM interface to ensure
compatibility with other data visualization and analysis applications
such as Microsoft Exceland the MathWorks MATLAB
Through the XDS560's compatibility with XDS510-class emulators,
developers using the previous generation XDS510-class products can
improve their capabilities to support the latest features in the
newest processors simply by plugging in the XDS560. This protects
significant existing customer investments in everything from
development tools to custom-built or purchased target boards, RTDX
instrumentation, testing harnesses, and training in the environment.

Increased Code Download Speeds Improve Developer Productivity
Another major enhancement with the new XDS560 emulator is the
significant increase in code download speeds, up to 8X faster than
the XDS510 emulator. As applications become steadily larger, the
time spent waiting for embedded code to be downloaded gets longer.
Extended program download times are non-productive and frustrating
for developers. TI mitigates this delay by offering top-performance
code download speeds up to half a megabyte per second, allowing
designers the chance to save precious development time and stay
focused on their task.

Powerful, Real-Time, Non-Intrusive Event Triggering Speeds Debug

A key capability of the XDS560 emulator is Advanced Event
Triggering. This allows complex sequences of events to be defined
and evaluated non-intrusively in real-time, before halting the CPU or
taking an alternate action. An advanced user interface makes setting
even complex conditions simple and uniform across all processors.
Together, these features allow designers to get to market faster by
enabling even difficult intermittent real-time software problems to
be analyzed and fixed more quickly.

Third Parties Extend XDS560 Technology

To enable DSP developers with XDS560 technology, TI has worked
closely with companies from the TI third party network to develop
additional XDS560-class products. Five companies are announcing
availability of XDS560-class emulators featuring Ethernet, USB and
PCI bus interfaces to provide designers with a variety of next-
generation emulation products for DSP development. For more
information on these products, please see:

Availability and Pricing

The XDS560 PCI Bus JTAG Scan-Based Emulator is available today and
can be purchased from the TI E-Store at and TI authorized distributors.
Pricing is $4,995 each in single-unit quantities with a special
introductory price of $3,995 for a limited time. The emulator
includes an extremely flexible 1.5-meter cable with a low-profile,
credit-card sized cable pod that provides a lightweight, flexible and
convenient connection to the target system; and auto-sensing voltage
capabilities that range from 5V down to 0.5V that will support both
existing and future generations of low-voltage DSP and ARM
processors. The XDS560 emulator can be ordered using part number

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