problem in ti dsp configuration when using TMS320C6414T

Started by RakeshBit March 28, 2007
Hi All,

We have designed a custom board with TMS320C6414T processor on board.
We are using a JTAG emulator from GAO Tech Canada, for programimg the processor.

The JTAG emulator does not connect to the processor, and gives the following error.

Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80000240/-121
Fatal Error during: Initialization, OCS,
This error was generated by TI's USCIF driver.
A bad controller handle has been given to a function,
either before attempting to open the controller, or after
having opened the controller and ignored its error status.
Valid controller handles are generated when attempts
to open the controller return a clean error status.

Sequence ID: 0
Error Code: -121
Error Class: 0x80000240
I/O Port = 240an talk.
Board Name: C64xx XDS510 Emulator
Cpu Name: CPU_1
Abort: Close Code Composer Studio.
Retry: Try to connect to the target again.
Cancel: Remain disconnected from the target
Diagnostic: Run diagnostic utility.


I tried to monitor the JTAG port traffic and found that the device is responding over JTAG (TDO is shifting data out for emulator) but after that the emulator throws exception that the target device is not found with following error message:
I have designed the board as per TI gudielines and wrong connections or signal integrity issues are ruled out.

When I use the same emulator with a kit from spectrum digital with a TMS320C6416 processor on board it works.

I have also tested with our board with Spectrum Digital Jtag Emulator XDS 510 USB but it also does not work with our custom board.
I am suspecting that there is some difference in TMS320C6416 and TMS320C6414T. May be some ID field are not matching for the emulator.
and maybe there I am missing some crucial CFG or DLL file.

Can some body put some light on this
Thanks & Regards,