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Started by May 15, 2007
actually i'm new to ccs3.2 version. earlier i worked on ccs2.0;now the problem i'm facing on ccs3.2 is profiling. there are so many options to be set for the profiler. i'm confused which one to be set and which one not???
Out of all teh coloumns in the profiler window i'm considering
"cycle Total:Excl.Total". is it correct???
please also suggest me the options to be set in the setup window.

Thanks in advance,
hi sravanthi
the options in the profiler window, is to be selected depending upon your requirement.
cycleTotal exclusive will give you the no of cycles taken by each individual functions excluding the cycles taken by the function called inside a function.
cycle total inclusive will give you the cycles taken by individual functions including the cycles taken by other functions called inside that particular functions.

i do suggest to take the advantage of CCS profiler help to know about each individual options available.
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