C6713 and c6711

Started by sandeep gajbhiye May 15, 2007
hi there !
i am working speech coding
what are the points to be taken into consideration while transferring the code from C6711 to C6713
i have code on C6711 and also having rulph chassing book for DSp application on C6713

C6711 code has write using chaasaing book.................................................
i have necesary support files for the C6711 and C6713 both
, but we have only C6713 kit.

i need to know what are the points taken into considaration while transferring the code to
thanx !
if the code is in Ansi C then directly you can port to 6713 platform, only you have to take care of the *.cmd file, and rts library file ( if you are using rts6700.lib, then no need to change also).
if code is in pure assembly the few instructions you have to take care.

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