C672x and DSP/BIOS ?

Started by jr94210 May 23, 2007
Hi all!

has anyone of you worked with the C672x series, especially with

I have a 6727 and the latest version of DSP/BIOS
but the problem is that the HWI module of bios doesn't
have "interrupt source" pin selector!

So how to declare an hardware interrupt on 6727 with DSP/BIOS(wich I
need for other things like SWI)?

For the moment, I declared my ISR functions using CSL, but which
dispatcher should I use? CSL dispatcher (won't this disturb
DSP/BIOS ?) or DSP/BIOS dispatcher?

I'd prefer the second solution, but how to set it up properly since I
have to mix CSL for isr declaration and Bios for dispatcher??

I've tried this: I declare an ISR named xyz, hooked on interrupt
number 8, using CSL; then I go to Bios HWI module, HWI8, link it to
_xyz, and activate the dispatcher.
Is this the correct way?

Thank you in advance!