Need help on running Simulink model for C6713 DSK

Started by nshr...@msn.com June 12, 2007
I am trying to run simple simulink model for C6713 DSK embedded target. I used Real time workshop to generate C code to run on C6713 DSK from Digital spectrum. I am using CCS 3.3 evaluation version. And my model consists of "line in C6713 DSK ADC" block is directly connected to "C6713 DSK DAC" and C6000 Target Preference C6713 DSK blocks. I was able to successfully build and generate code in C. However, when I run the C code on C6713DSK board the program seems to be running but I could not hear anything on headphone and line out port. I don't get any error message either. Can anybody help me? why can't I hear sound at the output. As far as I understand Real time workshop should generate working C code provided model is error free. Or do I need to modify generated C code to make it run on DSK? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Nabin Shrestha