Beginner HPI question [C6713]

Started by June 12, 2007
Hi all,

We're planning to develop a new board consisting of a Cypress FX2 USB controller, an Altera Cyclone2 and a TI C6713 DSP, so this board can be used in several student labs.
I would like to connect the FPGA and DSP to each other using the HPI port, so the DSP can be bootloaded and during runtime the FPGA can stream data to/from the DSP memory. This would also leave the EMIF port available for normal RAM expansion. Is this a valid/safe approach?
I have found very useful information on this site about the connection between a DSP and a host using the HPI port, but I haven't found any accompanying DSP code yet. Is this because the HPI requests are handled not by the CPU, but by the DMA controller on the DSP? If no code is needed to initiate HPI transfers, surely some commands are needed to set up the HPI port? Can anyone please guide me towards a short example on this?

Any help is much appreciated.
Riemer Grootjans
Vrije Universiteit Brussel