ADC for c6416 DSK or c6713 DSK

Started by July 9, 2007

I need to take samples at 25 MSamples/s (8 bit per sample is enougth) and between two consecutives samples I have to do the correlation of 60 samples. I would like to use a satarterKit because I'm new with DSP. The only prblem is that the satrterKits doesn't have the sample rate that I need. What can I do? Is there any daugther card for the c6416 DSK or c6713 DSK with the sample rate that I need?

Thank you
i had the same problem but with higher sample rate (80 MS/s) and i solved
using an ADS-101 from signalware. You canlook at their website: There are also others producers but i don't know them...