Wrong y-axis Scale on Graph

Started by tpei...@yahoo.com October 15, 2008
I am just trying to use the "insert graph" function in CCS v3.3. The thing I don't understand about the output graph is that it gives scaled y-axis value. For argument's sake, I have put in a value of 4096 in address 0x8000 with a data buffer size of 128. I would be expecting to get a straight constant line at the value of 4096 (decimal number). However, I am getting this straight line with a value of 5.739719e-42. I found out that I have to multiply the y-axis value in the graph with 1.401298e-45, e.g.

1.401298e-45 * 4096 = 5.739719e-42

Other things in the graph properties that I have configured:
Q-value: 0
Acquisition buffer size: 128
Display data size: 128
Time display unit: s
Autoscale: On

Why are the values in the graph scaled by 1.401298e-45? I have been pondering on this question for quite some time now. Please advise. Thanks.