Using Cache tag Ram Viewer tool to view cache misses on Board(EVM)

Started by February 26, 2009
Dear all,

It has been given in a document TMS320C64x+ DSP Cache User’s Guide (SPRU862A) section 3.5 "On-Chip Debug Support"
(pdf) that we can see the cache status on the board( not device accurate simulator) in CCS 3.3v and above.
But i am not able to see the cache details in CacheTagRamViewer on the evm board.

Please let me know if their is any document availabe on this, or if any settings need to be done in CCS to view the cache details on board.

Below is the snapshot of section 3.5 of the document.

The C64x+ devices support a feature that allows read-out of the cache tag RAM (on earlier version of some C64x+ devices, this feature is only supported on simulator platforms). This feature is exposed in Code Composer Studio IDE (version 3.2 or higher) through the Cache Tag RAM Viewer. The viewer

displays for each cache line the cache type, set number, way number, valid/dirty/LRU bits and the line address (with symbols). This allows you to analyze cache behavior by single-stepping through the algorithm and observing the changes in the cache. This helps with choosing the appropriate optimization

method and verifying the results of the optimization.