Using NDK SOCKET handles causes CCS to crash

Started by May 5, 2009

I'm using CCS v3.3 with Service Pack 12.1, NDK 1.94, Code Gen 6.1.3, DSP/BIOS 5.32.04. I'm developing in Windows XP sp3.

I am trying to use some SOCKET handles in a multitasking application. I launch 2 task. One task creates a UDP socket, uses setsockopt with SO_REUSEADDR, and binds on port 8080 and sends UDP packets to an external server. The second thread creates a UDP socket in the same manner but sits listening for responses. My Transmit code works great and I can see it sending messages to an external computer. My problem is that I am trying to figure out why my receive socket gives a EBADF error (bad file descriptor) but when I try to place a breakpoint in my code with the watch window open, code composer crashes. It throws a message that it needs to crash and then it tries to save stuff. If I start debugging with the watch window closed - it breaks but when I try to launch the watch window, code composer crashes to desktop without giving any error messages. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone -- it is really annoying. Is code composer generally this buggy?