F24x on-chip programming

Started by May 8, 2009
My name is Milan Zivic.
I have XDS510 USB2.0 DSP Emulator.
Please, can anybody tell me how to program TMS320F240 internal flash
using CCStudio?
I have CCS v3.3, but only F28x and F24xx on-chip programming is supported.
Which version of CCStudio I'll need and where I can find corresponding plug-in for F24x on-chip programming?
Thanks a lot.

The code security module was locked on about 15% of the TMS320F2811 DSPs
in our last production run. We've been building this board for about 4
years now at the same assembly house and have never had a problem so I
don't think it's a manufacturing problem, but you never know. Has
anyone else run into this problem?


Don Truex

Electronics Engineer

Hennessy Industries Inc.